- Biography -


Born in 1997 in Windhoek, Namibia, Lizelle Kirsten spent most of her childhood in the coastal town, Lüderitz. Her youthful experiences of life in Namibia have greatly influenced her current practice. Memories of barren desert landscapes initially served as the inspiration for her investigation into nature and culture, as well as an interest in the significance of Matter. Kirsten currently lives and works in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

- Praxis -


Enveloped in wood shavings, gravel and dried foliage, I pay close attention to the nature of the materials I work with. I engage with in the everyday, in order to observe what these mediums can teach me about myself, and about life’s intricacies and mysteries. In my work, I question the relationship between nature and culture, and the intersection between “the mystical” and “the mundane”. 


Material and objects possess agency. “Agency” referring to the “the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power”. It is this notion that greatly informs my art practice, and the work I produce. This also reminds us of the significance of the human experience of natural matter. In focusing on this experience; it revives our existing contact with reality. 


“Objects are the mirrors of ourselves – a ‘beautiful semblance’ of our being.”

 - Ashraf Jamal -

Mainly working with foundational substances such as wood, dust and gravel, I experience an intersection of spirit and matter; living and non-living; strength and sensitivity.


Soma. 40 Stones. National Arts Festival. Grahamstown. 2019 

A group exhibition with Charne Visser, Pieter Mostert, Klara-Marie Den Heijer, Aaron Mulenga, Fanie Marais, Candice Janse Van Rensburg and Elbie Visser.

Gradex. Stellenbosch University. Stellenbosch. 2019 

Graduate group show.

Starchless. 7 Rozalle. Stellenbosch. 2020 

A living room show with Nienke Geldenhuys and Jane Coetzee. 

Unleavened. Dyman Gallery. Stellenbosch. 2020 

A group exhibition with Aaron Mulenga, Carmen Maria Titus,  Jana Visser, Marieke Kruger, Marijke van Velden, Nericke Labuschagne, Sonja Kloppers, Bronwen Salton, Elbie Visser, Mosa Anita Kaiser, Ntobeko Mjijwa and Ydi Coetsee Carstens. 

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